Bat Cave, NC 28739
Phone # (828) 625-1947

Old Cider Mill And Gift Shop
Intersection of Hwy. 64 and 74A 
Henderson County
1 Bat Cave Drive
Bat Cave, NC 28739
Phone # (828) 625-1947

The Old Cider Mill & Gift Shop
All Rights Reserved 2013
7 days a week from 10am until 6pm

Thank You!

Here the cloths are placed to catch the chopped apples just prior to pressing.
The Workhorse 2000 LB. Press that creates the wonderful nectar!
Natures trophies being shown 
and sold at the Old Cider Mill.

 At the Old Cider Mill cider is pressed weekly! 

   "We are dedicated to maintain the purity and freshness 
that has been given in the past to our new and existing valued customers 
or as we like to think of them....our friends."  

                                                                                                                    John & Joann D'Ambra
Customers getting their FREE
 apple cider sample!
The Old Cider Mill located in Bat Cave, North Carolina 
is still one of the few establishments that can boast "Fresh Pressed Cider".  

That's right, here you will find only the purest 
of pure apple ciders from the area. 
 With pressings taking place weekly (in season) the Old Cider Mill 
creates some of the tastiest cider your taste buds will ever meet.  

Pressing cider for over 35 years accounts for their renown product.  
Customers or 'Friends' have been coming here for years 
even since they were children. 

Our building was built in the early 1900's and housed the 
1st original Bat Cave Post Office.


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