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    Learn More About The Stump Grinding Process

    Are you planning to remove the stump of a tree? Perhaps you only want to know how professional tree service contractors remove the tree stumps. The following information will help you know about the stump grinding process.

    Stump Grinding Machine

    A heavy-duty machine called the stump grinder is used to grind the tree stump into small bits. Fresh mulch is created from the ground stump. Small to large stump grinders are available for this purpose. The smaller units run on gas, while the larger ones use diesel to operate.

    These grinding machines have wheels equipped with carbide cutting tips to cut down the tree stumps quickly and easily. Larger machines in this range have wheels that can have more than 75 carbide cutters. They are used to cut large tree stumps.

    The Benefits of Removing the Tree Stump Completely

    There are several benefits of grinding the stumps and removing them from the site. Its main purpose is to prevent the tree from growing back.

    Once the stump is removed, your landscape appearance will improve, and the area will look more beautiful. It will free up the space, and you will gain some extra space for landscaping, outdoor furniture placement or building a patio. These projects are not possible if a stump is coming in the way.

    Grinding a stump makes your yard safer. A tree stump is a tripping hazard waiting to cause accidents and injuries. Your lawnmower can hit it and get damaged or cause injury to the operator. Kids are not very careful when playing or running around in the open field. The removal of a stump will make the yard safer for kids. You can walk in the area and mow your lawn safely.

    A rotting tree stump attracts pests, fungi and mold. Once they establish their colony in the rotting stump, they will spread all over the nearby area quickly. Plants that cannot withstand their onslaught will become infected and rot away.

    The Grinding Job Safety Concerns

    Stump grinding is a dangerous job when a heavy-duty cutting machine is involved. The cutting wheels of the stump grinder run at high speed. They cause some of the debris and rocks from the stump area to fly away at high speed. The carbide cutting tips of the wheel pose a serious safety hazard. The cutting wheels that can cut into solid and thick tree stumps can cut into many other solid things.

    For this reason, it is important for the stump grinding machine operator to wear appropriate protective gear. Debris and rocks lying around the stump should be removed as much as possible at the start of the grinding process. The operator must keep away from the grinder’s wheel and base at the time the machine is running.

    The Grinding Process

    Stump grinding machine operators use the following steps to remove tree stumps.

    Area Inspection

    The operator first inspects the stump site carefully to see if it is ready for the removal of the stump. The operator looks for solid footing and removes anything that can pose safety hazards during the stump removal process.

    The operator takes into account debris, rocks, bricks and any other item that should be removed from the area before the work can start.

    Maintaining Highest Level of Safety at the Worksite

    Safety is a priority because it is a dangerous job involving a heavy-duty cutting machine. The operator must wear recommended safety gear at all times when grinding a tree stump. The protective gears include gloves, goggles, sturdy work boots and chainsaw safety pants.

    All unwanted materials like toys, yard decorations and tools are removed from the work area. The job may also require trimming plants and grass around the stump. It improves visibility and makes grinding easier.

    Remove Plants and Rock

    A shovel is used to remove sticks, rocks and other debris lying around the stump. Things like rocks can dull the sharp teeth of the cutting bits. The rocks can also fly away, injuring the operator.

    Trimming the Stump with a Chainsaw to Quicken the Grinding Process

    In the next step, a chainsaw is used to remove the top part of the stump up to the ground surface level. The main grinding machine can be used less when a part of the stump is removed with a smaller machine. The workload reduces with this trimming. Removing the stump with the main machine becomes easier after the top portion of the stump has been removed with a chainsaw.

    Using the Stump Grinder

    Now the stump and the site are ready for the final process of removing the stump using the stump grinding machine. The heavy-duty machine is brought close to the stump. Its grinding wheel is placed above the stump. It is switched on, and the cutting blade is lowered to start cutting the stump.

    The cutting wheel is moved side to side and then back and forth. After one top section of the stump is removed, the wheel is repositioned to remove the next section.

    Continue Cutting up to 4 Inches under the Ground

    The above grinding technique continues until the stump has been removed up to 4-16 inches below the ground surface level, cutting away the whole stump and connected roots.

    The grinding machine is turned off after the grinding is over and moved away from the worksite. The stump site is inspected to make sure the stump has been removed completely.

    Cleaning the Worksite

    After the stump grinding process is over, the operator cleans the area. A shovel is used to rake up wood chips for use as mulch. The wood chips and earth are used to fill the hole left at the place where the stump stood.

    Filling the Site with Soil

    In the end, the worksite is filled with soil, and the surface is leveled.


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